I am a person.  I am not just the sum of my behaviors or the result of all of my mistakes.  I matter.  I will never fit into your mold or the box you keep trying to put me into.  I will never be anyone but who I am.  I am ME and I am important.  I may have a ton of acronyms attached to my medical chart.  I may never be able to be an independent person but I won’t be dependent either.  I matter and don’t you dare try to act like I don’t.  I have people who love me and just by loving me they are not a saint or an angel.  They are just smarter than you and their eyes work.  They see me and all of the things that matter.  They know I have my very own abilities and gifts.  They may not be what society values but I value them and so do my loved ones.  I am not deaf or blind and I see and hear your opinion.  I am more than capable of having opinions of my own.

I am a person who will always live with the affects of being prenatally exposed by alcohol.  Don’t you start judging me or my birth mom.  I love her and she loves me.  See me.  See what I can offer to this world and know that no matter what else I am I am a child.


About fasmom

The adoptive mom to 12 wonderful children who are affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and other issues including Reactive Attachment Disorder, bipolar, schizophrenia, CP, epilepsy and oh the list goes on...The thing is these children have taught me things about myself I never knew and would not have missed out on learning. Married to an amazing man and enjoying life on a sheep ranch.
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